Looking for opportunity to create something wow

Few words

When I have started writing about my story/myself/blah blah, I had actually no idea where to begin!

Let's start with name, full name Pollen Chakma, a freelance designer based in Dhaka. I grew up in Rangamati, the beautiful lack city surrounded with mountains - where I used to fishing, swimming, hanging with my buddies. Completed my graduation from Bangladesh University with English Language and literature. Design is basically my passion, when I was kid I used to go the local art school.
Experience & thoughts
Professionally I have been helping clients from 2015. All these years I have worked with tons of clients, companies and individuals from around the world. It's quite great experience for my design career to work with different cultural people. Also, I have worked with lots of crypto related products such as wallet design for mobile, desktop, and webs.

As an individual freelance UI/UX designer it's sometimes quite hard to deal with clients specially with communication, close collaboration etc. It sounds very challenging and totally new experience for those freelancers.